Národní památkový ústav - územní odborné pracoviště v Českých Budějovicích

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Castle Cervena Lhota before last Reconstruction

Welcome to the official website of the Červená Lhota State Castle.
Červená Lhota Castle is a monument that gracefully maintains the balance between a representative aristocratic residence and a simple Renaissance fortress, having always been mercilessly restricted by the castle design's layout. The impressive effect of the natural surroundings of the Deštná Creek with its castle lake, the age-old magic of a local residence strengthened by the appreciation of the „knightly“ Renaissance, is perhaps the main reason of the perpetual attraction of this place. It is a place both rough and kind, a strangely modest and beautiful world where good does not combine with evil, where the visitor instantly slips into the role of humble guest and grateful observer. Perhaps this is the reason that so many visitors feel themselves here as in a fairy tale, perhaps why so many couples decide to hold their weddings here every year, perhaps why so many people have felt, feel, and, we believe, will feel good here.